What the Mums Say!

  • Sporty Mums is fantastic! So motivating and you can take bubs along! Such a great workout and fun too!

  • I also work out with Sporty Mums and I'm 33 weeks pregnant. It's reassuring to have someone to make sure I'm exercising safely and it's so nice to be outside and meet other mums!

  • I have a 5month old and I exercise with Sporty Mums. It is great as you can exercise with your bub and then we all have coffee afterward. They supply the pram and all equipment and meet at various locations along the coast. First half is cardio on the beach and the second half is strength exercises. Great fun, fresh air and you get to meet other mums.

  • My baby is 19 weeks and I have been exercising with Sporty Mums since he was 11 weeks. It's nice to be able to get out and exercise with bubs and meet other mums. The pram, sunshade, rain cover and exercise mats are all provided at an extremely reasonable price! I love being able to exercise with him, I have a gym membership but haven't used the crèche facility as yet. Feels so good to get moving again 🙂

  • Having a toddler who likes to run, I can't walk the streets to put my latest to sleep like I did with the first. I joined Sporty Mums, close to where I live, coffee after and it gets me out. I've started to go on runs with my own pram in between sessions as I get fitter - of course only when toddler is in care however Sporty Mums are getting double prams soon.

  • Sporty Mums is a great work out option! I love it because my four-month-old daughter is with me the whole time! I love the valco matrix prams that are provided for you and the fact that we meet at the beach for our work outs. It is like a personal training session but in a group and you have the option to go at your own pace. It is a great social option for both mum and bubs as the trainers run off to get coffee/tea for the mums at the end of each session. I feel fantastic for having joined Sporty Mums!

  • I joined Sporty Mums when I moved to Adelaide 3 months ago. I take my now almost 1year old. It is great for me, I am getting fitter and losing those difficult last few kilos. Eli my son has a great time too, after the pram exercises on the beach he plays with the other babies on the grass or in the play pen. He always sleeps really well after our morning out. The well-earned coffee and catch up at the end is great too. Such a lovely group of ladies and babies 🙂

  • Sporty Mums! The workouts are different each session, it's well priced, you can go at your own pace and attend to your child when you need. If you miss a session there is the flexibility to do a catch up session & it's great socialising with other mums and bubs afterwards.