Sporty Mums Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect in the exercise?

The exercises depend on the type of session, your level of fitness and the type of delivery. We have 3 different classes: Mums & Bubs, Mums & Bumps and the Only Mums classes. All the classes have been made with cooperation of a Physiotherapists. The classes are safe and adjusted to your own level of fitness.

What should I bring and what do I wear?

Bring some water, wear training shoes and a supportive bra. Bring a blanket to put in the pram. Remember the weather in Adelaide: take sunscreen with you and dress yourself in layers. Bring some toys for your little one.

How long does a session go for?

All sessions run for 1 hour. Remember though after our workout a lot of Mums will stay for a well deserved coffee!

How many people are in the sessions?

Sessions are limited to 12 mums.

What sort of stroller is Sporty Mums using and is there an age restriction?

Sporty Mums uses the newest valco Matrix stroller which is perfect for the beach. We provide sun and rain covers so our classes are save in every type of weather. The prams are suitable for newborns to toddlers up to 21 kg.

What happens in bad weather?

When the weather is very bad, we will give you a text message. During light shower, we will go on! We also provide rain covers for the prams. All our locations have a sheltered area.

How soon after giving birth can I start exercising?

When your doctor advices you can start exercising again. If it is less than 6 months after the birth of your child, you will need to get a doctor’s permission to join our classes. We have adjusted exercises for those who had a C-section.

Are bookings required?

Your first session is free. You need to book this in advance, after your first session you will discuss your schedule and possibilities with your trainer.

More questions?

Please get in touch with us by filling out this contact form and we will respond to you as soon as possible.