Sporty Mums & Bubs

The perfect training in Adelaide! You don’t have to leave your bub behind and both mum and bub are get to the fresh sea breeze. Sporty Mums & Bubs is an outdoor exercise program on the beach where mums can start to rebuild their fitness after pregnancy. It’s the perfect way to exercise, because you are taking your bub with you in the pram.

Classes start with a warm up walk/run (you choose your own pace). We then move to the buggy friendly outdoor circuit. Young babies can stay in the prams, or bring a blanket for them to lay on the sand and play with toys.

Sporty Mums & Bumps

The perfect outdoor pregnancy workout in Adelaide! Get fit, strong and prepared for labour! Exercising outdoors does wonders to improve a pregnant mother’s outlook and mood. Take advantage of the fresh air, which will help you to stabilize blood pressure, and give you and the baby a rich, fresh oxygen supply, which is important for you and the baby. The special exercise plan made by our physiotherapist will stabilize the pelvis and lumbar spine and will increase your cardiovascular fitness.

The class begins with 10 minutes of theory about the changes your body undergoes and how to exercise safely during pregnancy. After that we go on the beach, exercising with a physiotherapy band and ending with stretches. The workout will make you feel healthy, strong and fit during your pregnancy. Bring your bumps to the Mum & Bumps class.

Super Mums & Friends

In March 2013 Sporty Mums started the bootcamp/poweryoga combitraining. This outdoor workout will improve your level of fitness, strength, endurance and energy in just a few weeks’ time. Your trainer will stimulate you to push your body above your limits every training. With every week new bootcamp challenges and new poweryoga poses you will be feeling fit in no time!

Timetable and Locations

We run Sporty Mums & Bubs & Bumps Combination Classes at Brighton and Henley Beach every week.


Sporty Mums has the right pricing for you!

  • Sporty Mums is fantastic! So motivating and you can take bubs along! Such a great workout and fun too!

  • I also work out with Sporty Mums and I'm 33 weeks pregnant. It's reassuring to have someone to make sure I'm exercising safely and it's so nice to be outside and meet other mums!